“Flights of Mind”

An installation at
Berkeley Public Library
February 11 to March 31, 2013

“Flights of Mind” was, and is, about possibility and community across space and time.

When I read I encounter another in a particular intimacy. Bringing authors’ stories, imaginings and perspectives inside me expands and deepens the interior space that defines my world. I’m constrained in who I can be and what I can accomplish only by the limits of my imagination, the scale and wherewithal of my vision. Reading reaches out into possibility and brings it into my reality.

Engaging with authors touches, shapes and informs who we are. Our hearts are enlivened by words coming to us across the years, decades and centuries, fresh and meaningful, as though they were written today. Our worlds are enlarged by words coming to us across cultures, languages, points of view, and life experiences. In reading we are a community in earnest conversation about what matters in life, a conversation that knits us together in a precious commonality.

And this place, Berkeley Public Library.... It’s a place about our affirming, enabling, and encouraging this vast conversation. A place about enriching who we are as individuals and as a community.

“Flights of Mind” celebrates possibility and community across space and time.


     Flights of Mind at Berkeley Public Library