I’m grateful to many friends and family who helped me realize and document the installation, and to individuals associated with the Library who supported the project.

Installation Right Hand ~ Nancy Saldich

Videography ~ Kellock Irvin Kellock Welsh Irvin

BPLF Authors Dinner Photography ~ Tom Weidlinger Tom Weidlinger


Friends helping with installation and lending moral support:

Tyrell Collins Tyrell Collins

Bob Conway

Sashi Conway

John Wood John Wood

Cuong Ta Cuong Ta


Jan Camp Jan Camp saw the possibility before I did,
and enabled a critical early stage of the project


My deinstallation crew, who saved the day:

Michelle Bertho-Huidal, Andrew Chen, Rona Renner, Judy McEnroe, Deborah Begley, Nancy Saldich, Tyrell Collins, Bob Conway, and John Wood


At Berkeley Public Library, Doug Smith, BPL Deputy Director, championed the project, offering invaluable guidance and support. Steve Douglas met my steady stream of non-normative requests with friendliness, generosity and equanimity. Raymond Dai was equally unruffled and helpful in the face of repeated special requests. Debbie Carton, Linda Sakamoto-Jahnke and Andrea Mullarkey contributed substantively to my research and documentation. Jim Novosel, Sayre Van Young and Diane Davenport also enriched my research.


This flight of my mind could not have become a reality without the enthusiastic support of Sophie Hahn and Barbara Manierre, BPLF board members; Marjorie Randell-Silver Marjorie Randell-Silver Event Coordinator of the BPLF's Authors Dinner; and Donna Corbeil, BPL Director.


Over the many months during which I researched, planned, and installed the project, I experienced unqualified friendliness, interest and encouragement from librarians, security personnel, custodians, IT personnel and other staff. What a pleasure to work with you and in your presence.


Finally, and most importantly, having observed library patrons' engagement with the installation over its seven weeks...such generosity. I am deeply moved, and indelibly marked.


My heartfelt thanks to all. There are no words expansive enough to express the full depth and breadth of my gratitude for the opportunity to realize this project.


"Flights of Mind" was, and is, about possibility and community
across space and time.

Flights of Mind at Berkeley Public Library