“In Conversation”

This ROUGH three minute video offers a glimpse of "In Conversation" at present:

A broad and varied range of light patterns wash across the surface of this six foot by six foot array of salvaged book covers, colors-in-motion themselves.

This more elegant two minute video offers a glimpse of "In Conversation" in development.

The starting place for the lights' patterns is what reading ~ engaging with authors ~ feels like to me.

Lights patterns shift between their own rhythms and responding to movements of the viewer standing before the piece.

In Conversation

Books speak to me at every level, and my dialogue with authors is an essential part of my making meaning of and immersing myself ever more fully in this wild and crazy life.

This piece emerges from the conversation between readers and writers across space and time, and the fundamental role reading plays in how we perceive ourselves and the world.

In Conversation

Dimensions, without the white surround:
6' x 6' x 6""
182cm x 182cm x 15cm
Materials: salvaged book covers, wood, steel, electronics

Transforming books as a literary act.

The software engineer for this work and all things technical is:

Mike Russell www.curvemeister.com

Exhibited at the 2016 Bay Area Book Festival:

Bay Area Book Festival


Exhibited at Oakopolis Gallery:

Oakopolis Gallery

Exhibited at Berkeley Public Library:

Berkeley Public Library

Berkeley Public Library

Exhibited at The Authors Dinner

"In Conversation" was the marquee art at the Library Foundation's 14th Annual Authors Dinner on February 6th, 2016.

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