Vita Wells | Means of Grace


handspun wool, human hair, natural dyes, tapestry weave on cotton warp

Means of Grace

Vita Wells | Means of Grace


Vita Wells | Layers

Eucalyptus Leaves

Vita Wells| Eucalyptus Leaves

This weaving is about grace.


It’s about a particular space between people where we’re offered the opportunity to turn into life. It’s about the engagements through which life becomes meaningful.


I wove my and other people’s hair into this piece.


Weaving with only my hair is interesting but not much more than that. Weaving others’ hair with mine is altogether different, is intense, feels as though I’m handling our bodies and through weaving am physically expressing their presence in my life.


We lay, side by side, across, nearby, sometimes tangled, inter-worked, touching, away, touching, away, a mystery of life and of love expressed in the interactions, sacred and profane, a whole that’s rich in a way no single part is.


This weaving is about grace, a verb.