Biographical Sketch

I’ve worked with my hands since I was old enough to wield an exacto knife. While involved in textile arts in the late 1990’s, I was given a provocative book. My exacto knife, some glue and wire were just what that book needed, to pretty satisfying results. So, not abandoning my loom, spindle and dye pots completely, I expanded my toolbox to include a jigsaw, bandsaw, drill press and oxypropane torch, and my media to include copper, steel, and books.


My biographical scaffolding begins in South Texas. Then the East Coast for liberal arts, finance, social ethics and theology, and ultimately the Bay Area. Over those years — a corporate run, community service, momhood, and all along the way: making things that are meaningful to me.


These days, supporting empowering marginalized youth, particularly girls, and advocating for Repair ( complement my time in the studio.


Finally, I know the Camino de Compostela quite well and am still looking for flechas — following the field of stars.