Biographical Sketch

I’ve been creating objects since I was old enough to wield an exacto knife. While involved in textile arts in the late 1990’s, I was given a provocative book. Compelled to deploy my exacto knife on the volume, I found the results to be quite satisfying. Not abandoning my loom, spindle and dye pots completely, I expanded my toolbox to include a jigsaw, bandsaw, drill press and oxyacetylene torch, and my media to include copper, steel, and books.


I’ve lived and worked in diverse settings through several chapters of life, but reading has held a privileged place in all of them. The brief biographical scaffolding for those chapters is: born and bred in South Texas (Maverick family); Williams College (history), Yale (theology and social ethics), and Yale (finance); a corporate run (finance, logistics systems); community service (The Crucible, Habitat for Humanity, others); textiles (collector, maker, Textile Museum); motherhood (three beautiful boys); and peregrina (Camino de Compostela).

The objects I make have to do with the imperfect alignment between our perceptions and objective reality, and with our subjective investment in those perceptions.

This bio: case in point.