Biographical Sketch

I’ve worked with my hands — making and modifying things — since I was old enough to wield an exacto knife. While involved in textile arts in the late 1990’s, I was given a provocative book. My exacto knife, some glue and wire was just what that book needed, to pretty satisfying results. So, not abandoning my loom, spindle and dye pots completely, I expanded my toolbox to include a jigsaw, bandsaw, drill press and oxypropane torch, and my media to include copper, steel, and books.


I’ve lived and worked in diverse settings through several chapters of life. Reading’s held a privileged place in all of them — hence the draw to work with books and where reading’s taken me.


The biographical scaffolding for those life-chapters is: Beginnings in South Texas; the East Coast for liberal arts, finance, social ethics and theology; landed in the Bay Area. Along the way — a corporate run, ongoing involvement in community service, and momhood. These days, supporting empowering marginalized youth, particularly girls, and advocating for Repair ( complement my time in the studio.


Finally, I know the Camino Compostela quite well and am still looking for flechas, following the field of stars.