Something About My Name(s)

Bea 1962


n. the source of anything; spring; fountainhead; fount.
v.i. 1. to spring; rise. 2. to surge, gush or billow.


v.t. to send gushing up or pouring forth.


adv. 1. in a satisfactory, favorable, or advantageous manner; all right. 2. sufficiently; enough. 3. to a considerable degree, considerably; much. 4. in detail; intimately. — Syn. adj. hale, sound, hearty



present tense indicative, denoting action now going on or a state now existing



n. Latin, vita life, related to vivere to live

VW on the bad streets of Berkeley

At birth, I was given “Béa Welsh Weicker”.

Since then, so many names, reflecting life’s chapters. Some received, some added, some let go of, others returned to. After all that I chose, and choose, to celebrate life. And I chose, and choose, a name to go with it: Vita Wells.