Vita Wells | Believing is Seeing

Believing Is Seeing

de Saisset Museum Collection

The objects I make have to do with the imperfect alignment between our perceptions and objective reality, and with our subjective investment in those perceptions.

39” H x 43” W x 9” D
100 cm x 109 cm x 23 cm
books, metal, glass, wood

Vita Wells | Believing is Seeing

While reviewers have suggested otherwise, “Believing Is Seeing” is not about “male and female narratives”.


This work is about patriarchy. It’s about patriarchy manifesting through the social systems we live in, systems that profoundly influence how we perceive the world. What’s published, what’s marketed, what’s read, what’s taught, and by whom — what’s lent authority, framing how we understand ourselves and our world. The piece is meant to invite viewers to see systems of power, to see the interests those systems further, and to question the content and legitimacy of their communications.