Homage to Aggie

Celebrating my aunt, Aggie Eyster, artist extraordinaire

6.4 meters x 38 cm
21 feet x 15 inches
galvanized steel

My aunt Aggie did a lot of raising me, my sister Carmelita, and my brother Doyle. Her kitchen was where all the living and the loving happened. Early on in COVID Carm told me she wanted to think about Aggie every time she walked into her kitchen.


“Will you make me backsplashes like Aggie’s?”
“I have no idea how she did it.”
“I’m sure you can figure it out.”


Ten months of research, scores of tests, many failures and a good amount of wavering confidence, and in July 2021 the panels were finally installed.


The handprints and initials belong to Carm, Jeff, Carlos and Teo. The Boys drew the family pets.

Aggie’s Kitchen

Aggie and me near Bouzaire

Carm and Doyle with Aggie on Huisache

Doyle and Carmelita with Aggie on Huisache

Resplendent with El Anatsui

Resplendent with El Anatsui

Hiking in Marin – Always Ready for Anything